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15 July 2019

Sir Judah – Ba Mi Se

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Oluwafemi Ashaye widely known as ‘Sir Judah’ is a Nigerian Gospel artiste whose main aim of his music is to heal the mind and lift the soul.

His great talents and authentic-driven songs have helped him build a stronger fan base in the US and Nigeria alongside the partnership deals with the Asmadu & Asmadu Records.

He perfects his musical skills by spending time in the studio and producing quality sounds. His fusion of reggae, dancehall and afro is certain to take him to the top of success in the music industry.

In the course of releasing other songs such as ‘This Year’ which is his debut single and ‘JO (Dance)’, Sir Judah grandly comes out again with his new single titled “Ba Mi Se”.

“Ba Mi Se” is a Yoruba song which literary means “Do It For Me”. It is a pleasing tune of Afro-pop beats and rhythm fusion.

The song lyrically speaks about the desire for good things, blessings, joy, peace of mind and God’s favour; seeking the Divine help of the Creator to do these things and achieving it to the fullest.

Ba Mi Se was produced by Jaychord.

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